Patient Cases

Kammie Before After Photos Implant Crowns

Patient presented with missing upper left canine and small shaped lateral incisor.

Kammie-before-after-implant-crown-before1 Kammie-before-after-implant-crown-before2 Kammie-before-after-implant-crown-before3

Treatment consisted of an implant to replace the missing canine tooth, followed by sculpting and shaping the gum tissue with a temporary crown for several weeks.
Finally, a crown was placed on the implant to replace the missing canine, and a crown was placed on the lateral incisor to fill in some of the large void from the missing tooth.

Kammie-before-after-implant-crown-after2 Kammie-before-after-implant-crown-after3


Before & After Photos – Allison

Allison had worn teeth with old fillings. She originally thought she wanted all her teeth pulled and implants placed to replace the teeth. After talking over our options, we decided that the best course of treatment was the most conservative one; this consisted of crowns on the upper arch and a few fillings on the lower arch.

Before crowns treatment.
Before crowns treatment.
After crowns treatment.
After crowns treatment.

Before & After Photos – Chris

Chris had some visible decay on his front teeth which was repaired with bonding and white filling and elected for dental implants for his back teeth.

Chris before bonding, white filling and dental implants.